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Surgical and Nonsurgical Services in Texas Panhandle

Dr. Rouzbeh Kordestani provides a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures for patients in the Texas Panhandle area. From cosmetic work such as fillers and BOTOX® injections to reconstructive work like breast augmentation, you can find whatever you need to look and feel your very best.

Face and Body Procedures

Our office offers a wide range of surgical procedures to help address your unique needs. Learn more about these options here:

  • Rhytidectomy is a removal of rhytids, which is the medical term for wrinkles. It’s also known as a “facelift.”
  • Rhinoplasty is a shaping or reshaping of the nose.
  • Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is the procedure in which we remove the extra skin around the eye that tends to sag and block the visual fields.
  • Fat grafting is actually just that: We take fat from one area of your body and slowly place into another area. In this way, we can try to use your own tissues to augment or bolster your own lips or your face.
  • Neck lift is a surgical procedure that is used to try to treat the wrinkles in the neck.
  • Otoplasty is a procedure used for patients who have irregular shaped ears or ears that tend to be very prominent. It changes the shape of the ears.
  • Breast reduction is an operation usually considered by patients who have very large breasts. Most often, these women present with back and neck pain that, in some cases, is chronic. There are several different types of operations that can decrease the size of breasts.
  • Breast lift or “mastopexy” is an operation often used for patients who have lost a great deal of the laxity in their breast tissue. This results in breast “sag.” We consider patients for a combined procedure with a lift and an augmentation. The augmentation then allows us to maximize the fullness of the breast and allows the patient the best cosmetic result.
  • Breast augmentation is when an implant or artificial prosthesis is placed under breast tissue in an effort to give the overall breast shape a better, younger, and fuller look.
  • Abdominoplasty is the formal name for the procedure most people call a “tummy tuck.” It’s a surgical solution that addresses loose, saggy skin in that area of the body.
  • Body lift is a unique operation and tends to be a combination of several other operations. In essence, a body lift is a combination of a tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lifts, and breast lifts.
  • Liposuction/lipocontouring refers to the operative procedure in which fatty areas around the body are assessed and then infiltrated with local anesthetic solution combined with saline, and are then serially suctioned off.
  • Thigh lift is an operation in which the excess skin in the area of the thighs is removed.

Mommy Makeovers
and More

  • Mommy makeover is when we get the chance to not only do a tummy tuck but also to do breast implants at the same time.


  • BOTOX® is actually the trade name for botulism toxin. It is used often in the face to cause paralysis of muscles that cause wrinkles.
  • Chemical peel is a procedure in which TCA, a caustic chemical, is actually applied to the face to slough off the top layer of skin, revealing younger-looking skin below.

We also offer a variety of laser treatments and fillers as additional nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Please contact us to learn more.

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