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Botox Treatments

Dr. Rouzbeh Kordestani offers nonsurgical BOTOX® treatments and chemical peels to address issues associated with aging skin. We perform these procedures right here in our office in Texas Panhandle after we consult with you about your goals for improving your appearance. Many times, these nonsurgical options can be combined with other forms of anti-aging treatment for a dramatic change. Ask us about the various options we provide during your consultation. We’ll be glad to walk you through a variety of choices available.
Please take a few moments to review the information below having to do with BOTOX® treatments and chemical peels. We provide both services at our office, as well as the option of fillers. If you have questions regarding any of these options or you would like to know more, feel free to contact our team in Texas Panhandle.

Mommy Makeover options

Reducing Wrinkles With BOTOX

If you’ve ever considered BOTOX® as a way to improve your appearance and reduce wrinkles and signs of aging, you’re not alone. This popular treatment is something we do quite frequently at our office in Texas Panhandle. To learn more about how we would work with you to address any issues, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with the doctor. For many people, it can be an effective way to improve skin and reduce wrinkles.

BOTOX® is a muscle paralytic agent. It is used as a cosmetic treatment in very dilute amounts to paralyze certain muscles in the face. It is often used to address the muscles that cause wrinkles. BOTOX® usually lasts between 3 and 4 months, because the chemical simply detaches from the nerve within that time. Because of this, it needs to be reapplied periodically.

In addition to BOTOX®, another option for improving the appearance of skin and for anti-aging benefits is the chemical peel.

Chemical Peels for Improved Skin

A chemical peel is a procedure in which TCA, a caustic chemical, is carefully applied to the face. The dilution, or the mix of the chemical, allow it to cause a chemical reaction with the top layers of the skin, which in turn causes the upper layers of damaged skin to slough off. This allows us to effectively remove the top layers of facial skin and reveal the layer below. This layer is healthier and younger looking, and the improvement is noticeable. A similar result can also be obtained from lasers; however, they don’t tend to penetrate as deeply.

If you’d like to talk to the doctor about what is involved in a chemical peel procedure, please reach out to our office to schedule a time to discuss this treatment option. Not only will we walk you through the procedure in detail, but we will also explain the healing time and help you evaluate whether or not this would be a good procedure to address your areas of concern. Contact us to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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